Munich massacre

The Munich massacre wis an attack in the 1972 Simmer Olympics in Munich, Wast Germany, in that the Palestinian terrorist group Black September teuk eleiven Israeli Olympic team members hostage an killt them alang wi a Wast German polis officer.[3][4][5][6]

1972 Munich Massacre
Cairt o Wast Germany (the Federal Republic o Germany atween 1949 an 1990)
Locator dot
LocationMunich, Wast Germany
Coordinates48°10′47″N 11°32′57″E / 48.17972°N 11.54917°E / 48.17972; 11.54917Coordinates: 48°10′47″N 11°32′57″E / 48.17972°N 11.54917°E / 48.17972; 11.54917
Date5–6 September 1972
4:31 am – 12:04 am (UTC+1)
TargetIsraeli Olympic team
Attack teep
Daiths17 tot (includin perpetrators)
  • 6 Israeli coaches
  • 5 Israeli athletes
  • 5 Black September members
  • 1 Wast German polis officer
PerpetratorsBlack September
MotiveIsraeli–Palestinian conflict

Shortly efter the creesis began, a Black September spokesman demandit that 234 Palestinian preesoners jailed in Israel an the Wast German–held foonders o the Reid Airmy Faction, Andreas Baader an Ulrike Meinhof, be released.[7][8] Black September cried the operation "Iqrit an Biram",[9] efter two Palestinian Christian veelages that's inhabitants war expelled bi the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The Black September commander, Luttif Afif, wis born tae Jewish and Christian paurents. His group wis associatit wi secular naitionalism, wirkin for the richts o Palestinians in Israel.[10] Wast German neo-Nazis gae the group logistical assistance.[11]

Polis officers killt five o the aicht Black September members in a failed attempt tae rescue the hostages. A Wast German polisman wis an aw killed in the crossfire. The other three Palestinian hijackers war captured. The next month, houiver, follaein the hijackin o Lufthansa Flicht 615, the Wast German govrenment released them in a hostage exchange. Mossad respondit wi the 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon an Operation Wraith o God, trackin doun an killin Palestinians suspectit o involvement in the Munich massacre.[12]

Twa days prior tae the stairt o the 2016 Simmer Olympics, in a ceremony led bi Brazilian an Israeli officials, the Internaitional Olympic Committee honoured the eleiven Israelis that war killt at Munich.[13]


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