Mohamed Hussein Tantawi

Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Soliman (Arabic: محمد حسين طنطاوى سليمان‎, Egyptian Arabic: [mæˈħæmmæd ħeˈseːn tˤɑnˈtˤɑːwi seleˈmæːn]; born 31 October 1935) is an Egyptian Field Marshal an umwhile statesman. He wis the commander-in-chief o the Egyptian Airmed Forces[1] an, as Chairman o the Supreme Cooncil o the Airmed Forces, wis the de facto heid o state frae the ooster o Hosni Mubarak on 11 Februar 2011 tae the inauguration o Mohamed Morsi as Preses o Egyp on 30 Juin 2012. Tantawi served in the govrenment as meenister o defense an militar production frae 1991 till Morsi ordered Tantawi tae retire on 12 August 2012.

Mohamed Hussein Tantawi
محمد حسين طنطاوي
Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi 2002.jpg
Chairman o the Supreme Cooncil o the Armed Forces o Egyp
In office
11 Februar 2011 – 30 Juin 2012
Prime Meenister
DeputeSami Anan
Precedit biHosni Mubarak (Preses)
Succeedit biKhalil Al-Sisi
Secretar General o the Non-Aligned Movement
In office
11 Februar 2011 – 30 Juin 2012
Precedit biHosni Mubarak
Succeedit biMohamed Morsi
Meenister o Defence an Militar Production
In office
20 Mey 1991 – 12 August 2012
Prime Meenister
Precedit biSabri Abu Taleb
Succeedit biKhalil Al-Sisi
Senior Advisor tae the Preses
Assumed office
12 August 2012
PresesMohamed Morsi
Precedit biAffice Established
Personal details
Born (1935-10-31) 31 October 1935 (age 84)
Cairo, Egyp
Poleetical pairtyIndependent
  • Liberation Order
  • Unitit Arab Republic Anniversary Order
  • Distinguished Service Order
  • Order o the Nile
Militar service
Allegiance Egyp
Service/branchEgyptian Airmy
Years o service1956–2012
RankEgyptianArmyInsignia-FieldMarshal.svg Field Marshal
CommandsCommander-in-Chief o the Airmed Forces


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