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Miranda do Douro (Portuguese: [miˈɾɐ̃dɐ ðu ˈðowɾu]) or Miranda de l Douro (Mirandese: [miˈɾɐ̃dɐ ðl̩ ˈdowɾʊ]) is a toun an a municipality in the Bragança Destrict, northeastren Portugal. The population in 2011 wis 7,482,[1] in a aurie o 487.18 km². Referred tae as the "Cidade Museu" o the Trás-os-Montes region, it is locatit 86 kilometres from Bragança, preservin mony o its medieval an Renaissance-era traditions an airchitectur. It haes a leid o its awn, Mirandese, which enjoys offeecial status in Portugal, in addeetion tae cultural an historical discontinuity wi the rest o the Portuguese state. The toun is locatit on the border wi Spain, wi the Douro River separatin the twa kintras. The nearest toun in Spain is Zamora.

Miranda do Douro
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Coat o airms
Locator map of Miranda do Douro.svg
Kintra  Portugal
Region Norte
Subregion Alto Trás-os-Montes
Intermunic. comm. Terras de Trás-os-Montes
Destrict Bragança
Pairishes 13
 • Preses Artur Manuel Rodrigues Nunes (PS)
 • Total 487.18 km2 (188.10 sq mi)
Elevation 752 m (2,467 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Tot 7,482
 • Density 15/km2 (40/sq mi)
Time zone WET/WEST (UTC+0/+1)
Postal code 5210
Aurie code 273
Coordinates 41°29′39″N 6°16′27″W / 41.49417°N 6.27417°W / 41.49417; -6.27417Coordinates: 41°29′39″N 6°16′27″W / 41.49417°N 6.27417°W / 41.49417; -6.27417
Patron Santa Maria Maior


Pheesical geografieEedit

Miranda do Douro is locatit in a region that skirts the border atween the Portuguese Trás-os-Montes region, an the Spaingie autonomous commonty o Castile an León. The relief in this region is influencit bi haurd quartzite deposits near the border region, makkin erosion difficult, resultin in heuch escairpments an cliffs. The soils are componit o schists an granite bedrocks.

Ecoregions/Protectit auriesEedit

Parque Natural do Douro Internacional

The Parque Natural do Douro Internacional (Scots: Douro Internaitional Naitur Pairk), which encompasses the municipalities o Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Miranda do Douro an Mogadouro, includes a aurie o 85,150 hectares (328.8 sq mi), alang the border portion o the Douro River. It wis creatit on 11 Mey 1998 tae encompass the constituent territories that encompass the Rivers Douro an Águeda, alang the Spain-Portugal border that include similar geological an climatic condeetions, an tae help support flora an fauna in the region, while allowing appropriate human activities. The creation o the complementar Parque Natural de Arribes in Spain, alloued the seestematic protection o the aurie that encompassed the lairger ecoseestem an biome.


Miranda do Douro haes a Mediterranean climate wi continental influences. Due tae its location in the Nordeste Transmontano, the aurie experiences extreme wather fluctuations. It is common for locals tae refer tae the climate in this region in these terms: Em Miranda há nove meses de Inverno e três de Inferno ("In Miranda thare are nine months o winter an three months o Hell").[2] The simmer tends tae be dry an wairm, whilk the winters are rigorously cauld wi frequent snawfaws.[2] Winters in Miranda are cauld an hae minimum temperaturs hovering aroond 0°C (wi 30-day consecutive cauld temperaturs that oscillate aroond 0°C), frequently fawin negative. The simmer is completely opposite: hot an dry wi maximum temperaturs hoverin aroond 32°C.[3]

Human geografieEedit

1801 7,706—    
1849 7,146−7.3%
1900 10,639+48.9%
1930 11,272+5.9%
1960 18,972+68.3%
1981 9,948−47.6%
1991 8,697−12.6%
2001 8,048−7.5%
2011 7,482−7.0%

Admeenistratively, the municipality is dividit intae 13 ceevil pairishes (freguesias):[4]

Twin touns — Sister ceetiesEedit

Miranda do Douro is twinned wi:


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