Mid-Hairst Festival

The Mid-Hairst Festival is an offeecial harvest festival celebratit bi Cheenese an Vietnamese fowks.[1][2] The festival is held on the 15t day o the aicht month in the Cheenese calendar, durin a full muin, which is in late September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, close tae the autumnal equinox.[1]

Mid-Hairst Festival
Mid-Autumn Festival-beijing.jpg
Mid-Hairst Festival decorations in Beijing
Offeecial name中秋节 (Zhōngqiū Jié, Cheenae)
Tết Trung Thu (Vietnam)
An aa calledMuin Festival (八月節)
Observed biCheenese, Vietnamese
TeepCultural, Releegious
SigneeficanceCelebrates the end o the faw harvest
ObservancesMuin gazin
Consumption o muincakes
Consumption o osmanthus wine
Date15t day o the 8t lunar month
Relatit taeChuseok, Tsukimi
Mid-Hairst Festival
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese中秋節
Simplified Chinese中秋节
Min name
Vietnamese name
VietnameseTết Trung Thu
Chữ Nôm

The Govrenment o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae leetit the festival as an "intangible cultural heritage" in 2006 an a public holiday in 2008.[1] It is an aa a public holiday on Taiwan. Amang the Vietnamese, it is considered the seicont-maist important holiday tradeetion.


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