Michel Ferdinand d'Albert, Duke o Chaulnes

Michel Ferdinand d'Albert, Duke o Chaulnes (31 December 1714 – 23 September 1769) wis a french nobleman an the 5t Duke o Chaulnes. He wis also the Duke o Picquigny an then Duke o Chaulnes frae 1744. He wis also a pheesicist an astronomer. He lived at the auld Hôtel de Vendôme cried the Hôtel de Chaulnes.

Michel Ferdinand d'Albert
Duke o Chaulnes
The Duchess of Chaulnes (Anne Josèphe Bonnier, 1718-1787) by Jean Marc Nattier depicted as the goddess Hebe.jpg
Jean-Marc Nattier, Portrait o his second wife Anne Josèphe Bonnier as Hebe, (1744) Paris, Musée du Louvre.
Full name
Michel Ferdinand d'Albert
Born31 December 1714
Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd23 September 1769 (aged 55)
Hôtel de Chaulnes, Paris
Spoose(s)Anne Josèphe Bonnier
Martial de Giac
FaitherLouis Auguste d'Albert
MitherMarie Anne Romaine
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Blason Louis Auguste d'Albert de Luynes puis d'Albert d'Ailly (1676-1744).svg


He wis the son o Louis Auguste d'Albert, Duke o Chaulnes an his wife Marie Anne Romaine.

First MairiageEedit

On 23 Februar 1734, Anne Josèphe Bonnier, a lady-in-waiting tae Marie Leczynska.

Seicont mairiageEedit

He remairit December 1782 tae Martial de Giac.


  1. Louis Joseph d'Albert, Duke o Chaulnes (18 November 1741 - 23 October 1792) 6t Duke o Chaulnes, mairit Marie Paule Angelique d'Albert an haed issue.