Michael Collins (astronaut)

Michael Collins (born October 31, 1930, † Aprile 28, 2021) (Major General, USAF, Ret.), wis an American umwhile astronaut an test pilot. He flew on the first manned mission tae the Muin wi Neil Armstrong an Buzz Aldrin.

Michael Collins
Michael Collins (S69-31742).jpg
Collins in July 1969
Michael Collins Signature.svg
NASA Astronaut
Born31 October 1930(1930-10-31)
Roum, Italy
Dee'd28 Aprile 2021 (aged 90)
Ither thrift
Test pilot
USMA, B.S. 1952
RankUS-O8 insignia.svg Major General, USAF
Time in space
11 days, 2 oors, 04 meenits, 43 seiconts
Selection1963 NASA Group 3
Tot EVAs
Tot EVA time
1 oor 28 meenits
MissionsGemini 10, Apollo 11
Mission insignia
Gemini 10 mission patch original.png Apollo 11 insignia.png
ReteermentJanuay 1970
AwairdsDfc-usa.jpg Presidential Medal o Freedom NASA Distinguished Service Medal.jpg