Mexican–American War

A war atween the U.S. and Mexico spanned the period frae spring 1846 tae faw 1847. The war wis initiatit bi Mexico an resultit in Mexico's defeat an the loss o approximately hauf o its naitional territory in the north. In the U.S. the war is termed the Mexican–American War, an aa kent as the Mexican War, the U.S.–Mexican War or the Invasion o Mexico. In Mexico names for the war include Primera intervención estadounidense en México (Unitit States' First Intervention in Mexico), Invasión estadounidense a México ("Unitit States' Invasion o Mexico"), Guerra de la Invasión estadounidense, an Guerra del 47 ("The War o 1847").[6]

Mexican–American War
Genl. Taylor at the battle of Resaca de la Palma (Currier & Ives).jpgBattle of Churubusco2.jpgNebel Mexican War 12 Scott in Mexico City.jpgChapultepec.jpg
Clockwise frae tap left U.S. soldiers engagin the retreating Mexican force during the Battle o Resaca de la Palma, American victory at Churubusco ootside Mexico Ceety, U.S. marines stormin Chapultepec castle unner a laorge American banner, Winfield Scott enterin Plaza de la Constitución efter the Faw o Mexico Ceety.
DateAprile 25, 1846 – Februar 2, 1848
(1 year, 9 months, 1 week and 1 day)
LocationTexas, New Mexico, Californie; Northren, Central, an Eastren Mexico; Mexico Ceety

Decisive American victory

Mexican Cession
 Unitit States
Californie Republic[1]
Commanders an leaders
James K. Polk
Winfield Scott
Zachary Taylor
Stephen Watts Kearny
John D. Sloat
William J. Worth
Robert F. Stockton
Joseph Lane
Franklin Pierce
David Conner
Matthew C. Perry
John C. Fremont
Thomas Childs
William B. Ide
Antonio López de Santa Anna
Mariano Arista
Pedro de Ampudia
José María Flores
Mariano G. Vallejo
Nicolás Bravo
José Joaquín de Herrera
Andrés Pico
Manuel Armijo
Martin Perfecto de Cos
Pedro Maria de Anaya
Agustin Jeronimo de Iturbide y Huarte
Joaquín Rea
Manuel Pineda Muñoz
1846: 8,613[2]
1848: 32,000 soldiers
and marines
59,000 militia[3]
c. 34,000–60,000 soldiers[4]
Casualties an losses
1,733 killed in battle
13,283 tot dead[5]
c. 16,000 soldiers


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