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The Mayflower wis the Pilgrim ship that in 1620 made the historic voyage frae England tae the New Warld. The ship carried 102 passengers in twa core groups – releegious Separatists comin frae Holland an a lairgely non-releegious settler group frae Lunnon.

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, by William Halsall.jpg
Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor bi William Halsall (1882)
Name: Mayflower
Ainer: Christopher Jones (¼ o the ship)
Operator: Christopher Jones
Route: numerous, but the maist famous route is: Southampton tae Americae
Maiden voyage: Before 1609
Oot o service: 1622-1624
Fate: maist probably taken apairt bi Rotherhithe shipbreaker c.1624.
General chairacteristics
Cless an teep: Dutch cargo fluyt
Tonnage: 180 tons +
Lenth: c. 80 - 90 ft. on deck, 100 - 110 ft. oweraw.
Decks: Around 4
Propulsion: Wind
Capacity: Unkent, but carried c. 135 fowk during the historical voyage tae Plymouth
Crew: 36-50