Alexei Maximovich Peshkov (Roushie: Алексе́й Макси́мович Пешко́в or Пе́шков;[1] 28 March [A.S. 16 March] 1868 – 18 Juin 1936), primarily kent as Maxim (Maksim) Gorky (Roushie: Макси́м Го́рький), wis a Roushie an Soviet writer, a foonder o the socialist realism leeterar method an a poleetical activist.[2] He wis an aa a five-time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Leeteratur.[3] Aroond fifteen years afore success as a writer, he frequently chynged jobs an roamed athort the Roushie Empire; thir experiences would later influence his writin. Gorky's maist famous warks war The Lawer Depths (1902), Twenty-sax Men an a Girl, The Sang o the Stormy Petrel, The Mither, Simmerfolk an Childer o the Sun. He haed an association wi fellae Roushie writers Leo Tolstoy an Anton Chekhov; Gorky would later mention them in his memoirs.

Maxim Gorky
Maxim Gorky LOC Restored edit1.jpg
Portrait of Gorky, c. 1906
BornAlexei Maximovich Peshkov
28 March [A.S. 16 March] 1868
Nizhny Novgorod, Roushie Empire
Dee'd18 Juin 1936(1936-06-18) (aged 68)
Gorki-10, Moscow Oblast, Soviet Union
Pen nameMaxim Gorky
ThriftWriter, dramatist, politeecian
NaitionalityRoushie, Soviet
GenreNovel, drama
Leeterar muivementSocialist realism


Gorky wis active wi the emergin Marxist social-democratic muivement. He publicly opponed the Tsarist regime, an for a time closely associatit himsel wi Vladimir Lenin an Alexander Bogdanov's Bolshevik weeng o the pairty. For a signeeficant pairt o his life, he wis exiled frae Roushie an later the Soviet Union. In 1932, he returned tae Roushhie on Joseph Stalin's personal invitation an dee'd thare in Juin 1936.


  1. His ain pronunciation, accordin tae his autobiografie Detstvo (Bairnhuid), wis Пешко́в, but maist Roushies say Пе́шков, which is tharefore foond in reference beuks.
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