Mathilde de Carbonnel

Mathilde de Carbonnel ( (Marie François Renée; 1683 - 1728) wis a french noblewoman an the Marquise o Gondrin. She wis gien the names "Marie François Renée but wis kent as Mathilde .

Mathilde de Carbonnel
Marquise o Gondrin
Jean-Marc Nattier - Portrait de Françoise-Renée de Carbonnel de Canisy, marquise d’Antin.jpg
1738 portrait o the Marquise o Gondrin bi Nattier.
Full name
Marie François Renée de Carbonnel
Dee'd1728 (aged 45)
Spoose(s)Antoine François de Pardaillan
FaitherRené Anne de Carbonnel, Coont o Canisy

Brief biographyEedit

Orphaned at the age o 3, she wis the anly dochter o René Anne de Carbonnel, Coont o Canisy (1683-1728) is mairit tae Antoine François de Pardaillan, Marquis o Gondrin, at the age o 12 years in 1695.. She wis painted bi Jean Marc Nattier twa years efter her mairiage. They haed nae issue.