Mathematical induction

mathematical pruif technique

Mathematical induction is a mathematical pruif technique. It is essentially uised tae pruive that a property P(n) haulds for ivery naitural nummer n, i.e. for n = 0, 1, 2, 3, an sae on. Metaphors can be informally uised tae unnerstaund the concept o mathematical induction, sic as the metaphor o fawing dominoes or climmin a ledder:

Mathematical induction can be informally illustratit bi reference tae the sequential effect o fawin dominoes.[1][2]

Mathematical induction pruives that we can clim as heich as we lik on a ledder, bi pruivin that we can clim ontae the bottom rung (the basis) an that frae ilk rung we can clim up tae the next ane (the step).

— Translatit frae Concrete Mathematics, page 3 margins.