Baroness Marie Vetsera

(Reguidit frae Mary Vetsera)

Baroness Marie Vetsera wis a mistress o Rudolf, Croun Prince o Austrick. She wis baptised with the names Marie Alexandrine but wis cried Mary.

Marie Vetsera
Baroness von Vetseara
Mary Vetsera im Profil Zeichnung Em. Böger 1889.jpg
Marie in 1889.
Full name
Marie Alexandrine von Vetsera
Born(19 Mairch 1871
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
Dee'd30 Januar 1889 (aged 17)
Mayerling, Lawer Austrick, Austria
FaitherBaron Albin von Vetsera
MitherHélène Baltazzi

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