Marina Ricolfi-Doria

Marina Ricolfi-Doria (born 12 Februar 1935) is a Swiss water skier. She is the wife o Vittorio Emanuele, Prince o Naples, the son of the last king an queen o Italy, Umberto II an Marie José.

Marina Ricolfi-Doria
Princess o Naples
Duchess o Savoy
Marina Doria 1969.jpg
Ricolfi-Doria at Cape Canaveral in 1969
Born (1935-02-12) 12 Februar 1935 (age 86)
SpouseVittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples (m. 1971)
IssueEmanuele Filiberto, Prince o Venice
Full name
Marina Ricolfi Doria
FaitherRené Italo Ricolfi-Doria
MitherIris Benvenuti


  1. Emanuele Filiberto o Savoy, Prince o Venice (born 22 Juin 1972) mairit Clotilde Courau an haed issue.