Marie o Proushie

Princess Marie o Proushie (Marie Friederike Franziska Hedwig; October 15 1825 – Mey 17 1889) wis a Queen consort o Bavarie an the mither o Kings Ludwig II an Otto o Bavarie.

Marie o Proushie
Marie, Queen of Bavaria.jpg
Queen Marie in 1843 bi Joseph Karl Stieler.
Queen consort o Bavarie
Tenur28 Mairch 1848 – 10 Mairch 1864
Born15 October 1825(1825-10-15)
Berlin Ceety Pailace, Proushie
Dee'd17 Mey 1889(1889-05-17) (aged 63)
Hohenschwangau Castle, Bavarie
BuirialTheatine Kirk
SpouseMaximilian II o Bavarie
IssueLudwig II, Keeng o Bavarie
Otto I, Keeng o Bavarie
Full name
Marie Friederike Franziska Hedwig
FaitherPrince Wilhelm o Proushie
MitherMaria Anna o Hesse-Homburg
ReleegionEvangelical Christian Kirk, later Roman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of Marie of Prussia, Queen of Bavaria (Order of Maria Luisa).svg


On On 12 October 1842, Princess Marie she mairit the Maxilian, Croun Prince o Bavarie, an later King o Bavarie as Maximilian II.


  1. Ludwig II o Bavarie (25 August 1845 – 13 Juin 1886) niver mairit an died in suspicious circumstances.
  2. Otto o Bavarie (27 Aprile 1848 – 11 October 1916) niver mairit an haed nae issue

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