Marie Luise von Degenfeld

Marie Luise von Degenfeld (Maria Susanne Loysa ; 28 November 1634 – 18 March 1677) wis a mistress an later the morganatic seicont wife o Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine. Born Maria Susanne Luise von Degenfeld in Strasbourg, she was the dochter o an impoverished Baron, Martens Christof von Degenfeld an his wife, Maria Anna Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden. In 1650 she wis appointit a lady-in-waiting at the Electoral Pailace at Heidelberg tae Princess Charlotte o Hesse-Kassel, the consort o Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine, himsel a son an heir o Frederick V, the "Winter Keeng" o Bohemie, bi Elizabeth Stuart, dochter o James I o Ingland. She haed 13 childer Marie Luise died while awaiting her 14th child on Mairch 18 1677. Her bones are now burit in the crypt o the Konkordienkirche in Mannheim. She wis step mither o Elisabeth Charlotte o the Palatinate, sister-in-law tae Louis XIV o Fraunce.

Marie Luise von Degenfeld
Luise, Gräfin von Degenfeld.jpg
Marie Luise von Degenfeld bi an anonymous painter.
Full name
Maria Susanne Loysa von Degenfeld
Born28 November 1634
Strasbourg, Fraunce
Dee'd18 Mairch 1677 (aged 43)
Schloss Friedrichsburg Mannheim
Spoose(s)Karl I Ludwig, Elector Palatine
Raugrave Karl Ludwig
Raugravine Caroline Elisabeth
Raugravine Luise
Raugrave Ludwig
Raugravine Amalie Elisabeth
Raugrave Georg Ludwig
Raugravine Frederike
Raugrave Frederick Wilhelm
Raugrave Karl Eduard
Raugravine Sophie
Raugrave Karl Moritz
Raugrave Karl August
FaitherMartens Christof von Degenfeld
MitherAnna Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden
ReleegionRoman Catholicism


On 6 Januar 1658 she mairit Charles I Louis, Elector Palatine in Schwetzingen. They haed 13 issue. Because the mairiage wis morganatic the childer haed the teetle an rank o Raugravine (Raugräfin, coontess o uninhabitit or uncultivated lands), an their children were kent aa the Raugraves.


  1. Raugrave Karl Ludwig o the Palatinate (15 October 1658 – 12 August 1688)
  2. Raugravine Karoline o the Palatinate (19 November 1659 – 28 Juin 1696), mairit Meinhardt Schomberg, 3rd Duke o Schomberg an haed issue.
  3. Raugravine Luise o the Palatinate (25 Januar 1661 – 6 Februar 1733)
  4. Raugrave Ludwig o the Palatinate (19 Februar 1662 – 7 Aprile 1662)
  5. Raugravine Amalie Elisabeth o the Palatinate (1 Aprile 1663 – 13 Julie 1709)
  6. Raugrave Georg Ludwig o the Palatinate (30 Mairch 1664 – 20 Julie 1665)
  7. Raugravine Frederike o the Palatinate (7 Julie 1665 – 7 August 1674)
  8. Raugrave Friedrich Wilhelm o the Palatinate (25 November 1666 – 29 Julie 1667)
  9. Raugrave Karl Eduard o the Palatinate (19 Mey 1668 – 2 Januar 1690)
  10. Raugravine Sophie o the Palatinate (19 Julie 1669 – 28 November 1669)
  11. Raugrave Karl Moritz o the Palatinate (9 Januar 1671 – 13 Juin 1702)
  12. Raugrave Karl August o the Palatinate (19 October 1672 – 20 September 1691)
  13. Raugrave Karl Kasimir o the Palatinate (1 Mey 1675 – 28 Aprile 1691)

O the 13 childer, five died at an early age. Of the survivors, aw five sons died unmarried an haed nae issue, fower fell as soldiers, ane in duel. O the three dochters, Anly Karoline, the auldest, mairit. She haed nae surviving male offspring.

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