Marie Henriette o Austrick

Airchduchess Marie Henriette o Austrick (Marie Henriette Anne; 23 August 1836 – 19 September 1902) wis Queen o the Belgians aa the wife o Keeng Leopold II. Marie Henriette wis ane o five childer o Airchduke Joseph, Palatine o Hungary, an Duchess Maria Dorothea o Württemberg. Marie Henriette wis a cousin o Emperor Ferdinand I o Austrick, an granddaughter o Leopold II, Haly Roman Emperor, through her faither.

Marie Henriette o Austrick
Queen consort o the Belgians
Archduchess Marie Henriette of Austria ,Queen of the Belgians.JPG
Queen consort o the Belgians
Ring10 December 1865 – 19 September 1902
Born23 August 1836(1836-08-23)
Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary, Austrick Empire
Dee'd19 September 1902(1902-09-19) (aged 66)
Hôtel du Midi, Spa, Belgium
SpouseLeopold II o Belgium
Full name
Marie Henriette Anne
FaitherAirchduke Joseph, Palatine o Hungary
MitherDuchess Maria Dorothea o Württemberg
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of Marie Henriette, Queen of Belgium (Order of Maria Luisa).svg


  1. Princess Louise o Belgium (18 Februar 1858 – 1 Mairch 1924) mairit Prince Philipp o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha an haed issue.
  2. Prince Leopold o Belgium, Duke o Brabant (12 Juin 1859 – 22 Januar 1869) died young.
  3. Princess Stéphanie o Belgium (21 Mey 1864 – 23 August 1945) mairit Rudolf, Croun Prince o Austrick but haed nae issue.
  4. Princess Clémentine o Belgium (30 Julie 1872 – 8 Mairch 1955) mairit Victor Bonaparte, Prince Napoléon an haed issue.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 23 August 1836 – 22 August 1853 Her Imperial an Ryal Highness Airchduchess Marie Henriette o Austrick.
  • 22 August 1853 – 17 December 1865 Her Imperial an Ryal Highness The Duchess o Brabant.
  • 17 December 1865 – 19 September 1902 Her Majesty The Queen o the Belgians.

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