Marie Félix Blanc

Princess Marie Félix Bonaparte (22 December 1859 – 1 August 1882) wis a French heiress. Born intae a wealthy French bourgeoisie faimily wi financial holdings in Monaco and Germany, she wis left with a lairge inheritance after her faither's daith. Despite her mother's objections, in 1880, she mairit Prince Roland Bonaparte, a member o a morganatic branch of the Hoose o Bonaparte. She died frae an embolism a month efter giving birth toaeher anly bairn, Marie Bonaparte.

Marie Félix Bonaparte
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BornMarie Félix Blanc
22 December 1859(1859-12-22)
Paris, Second French Empire
Dee'd1 August 1882(1882-08-01) (aged 22)
Saint-Cloud, French Third Republic
BuirialCimetière des Gonards
SpousePrince Roland Bonaparte (m. 1880)
IssueMarie Bonaparte
HooseBonaparte (bi mairiage)
FaitherFrançois Blanc
MitherMarie Charlotte Hensel