Marie Christine de Noailles

Marie Christine de Noailles (4 August 1672 - 14 Februar 1748) wis a french noblewoman an later Duchess o Gramont as a result o her 1687 mairiage tae Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Guiche. Her husband wis created a Marshal o Fraunce in 1724 an as a result Marie Christine wis styled as the Maréchale de Gramont. She was a well known for her charitable work. She also gave her name tae an area o Vichy.

Marie Christine de Noailles
Duchess o Gramont
Bon Boullogne - Marie Christine de Noailles, Duchess of Gramont and her daughter Marie Adélaïde.jpg
The Duchess o Gramont with her dochterMarie Adélaïde (unknown artist)
Full name
Marie Christine de Noailles
Born4 August 1672
Dee'd14 Februar 1748 (aged 75)
Noble faimilyo Noailles (bi birth)
Gramont (bi mairiage)
Spoose(s)Antoine de Gramont
Antoine, Duke o Gramont
Louis, Duke o Gramont
Marie Adélaïde, Duchess o Biron
Catherine Charlotte, Duchess o Saint Simon
FaitherAnne Jules de Noailles
MitherMarie Françoise de Bournonville


The auldest dochter o Anne Jules de Noailles, Duke o Noailles, she wis a sister o the future Duke o Noailles, an the Coontess o Toulouse, as well as the Duchess o La Vallière.


On 13 Mairch 1687 she mairit Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Guiche, "Duke o Gramont".


  1. Antoine de Gramont, 5t) Duke o Gramont.
  2. Louis de Gramont, (6t) Duke o Gramont
  3. Marie Adélaïde de Gramont, mairit François Armand de Gontaut, Duke o Biron (son o Charles Armand de Gontaut, Duke o Biron)
  4. Catherine Charlotte Thérèse de Gramont, mairit Philippe Alexandre, Prince o Bournonville (1719)). Then remairit (1727) Jacques Louis de Rouvroy, Duke o Saint Simon.