Maria Menshikova

Princess Maria Alexandrovna Menshikova (26 December 1711 – Januar 6 1730) wis a dochter o Aleksander Danilovich Menshikov, the favourite o Peter I o Roushie.

Maria Menshikova
Prince Maria Menshikova bi Johann Gottfried Tannauer (at the Menshikov Pailace)
Full name
Maria Alexandrovna Menshikova
Born26 December 1711
Saunt Petersburg, Roushie
Dee'dJanuar 6 1730 (aged 18)
Berezov, Roushie Empire
FaitherPrince Aleksander Menshikov
MitherDarya Mikhailovna Arsenyeva

Thanks to her faither's influence in the Roushien coort, she wis engaged tae Grand Duke Peter o Roushie, a grandson o Peter the Great. Though they niver mairit their engagement wis announced an a dowry discussed. This proposal brocht about the disgrace of her faither who was subsequently exiled tae Siberie. She, like her faither died frae smawpox.

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