Maria Antonia o Austrick

Maria Antonia o Austrick (Maria Antonia Josepha Benedicta Rosalia Petronella; 18 Januar 1669 – 24 December 1692) was an Electress o Bavarie by mairiage tae Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector o Bavarie. She wis the eldest dochter an anly surviving child o Haly Roman Emperor Leopold I an his wife Margaret Theresa o Spain. She wis the heir tae the Spaingie throne after her maternal uncle Charles II o Spain frae 1673 until her daith.

Maria Antonia o Austrick
Maria Antonia.jpg
Maria Antonia bi an unknown artist.
Electress o Bavarie
Ring15 Julie 1685 – 24 December 1692
Born18 Januar 1669
Hofburg Pailace, Vienna
Dee'd24 December 1692 (aged 23)
Hofburg Pailace, Vienna
Buirial25 December 1692
Imperial Crypt Vaults, Vienna
SpouseMaximilian II Emanuel, Elector o Bavarie
IssueJoseph Ferdinand
Full name
Maria Antonia Josepha Benedicta Rosalia Petronella
FaitherLeopold I, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherMargaret Theresa o Spain


On 15 Julie 1685 in Vienna she mairit Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector o Bavarie. He wis a son o Elector Ferdinand Maria o Bavarie an Princess Henriette Adelaide o Savoy. He wis aa brither o Dauphine Marie Anne Victoire o France an Grand Princess Violante Beatrice o Tuscany. She wis aaa a proposed bride for the futire Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie, but nothing came o these plans either.


  1. Leopold Ferdinand o Bavarie (22 May 1689) died at birth.
  2. Anton o Bavarie (19 November 1690) died at birth.
  3. Joseph Ferdinand o Bavarie (28 October 1692 – 6 Februar 1699) sometimes cried the "Prince o Asturias".

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Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 18 Januar 1669 - 15 Julie 1685 Airchduchess Maria Antonia o Austrick.
  • 15 Julie 1685 – 24 December 1692 The Electress o Bavarie.