Maria Angela Caterina d'Este

Maria Angela Caterina d'Este (1 Mairch 1656 – 16 Julie 1722) was an Italian born Princess o the Duchy o Modena who wis later the Princess o Carignano. In Fraunce she wis kent as Angélique Catherine d'Este an in Modena an Savoy she wis kent as Maria Caterina d'Este.

Maria Angela Caterina d'Este
Princess o Carignano
Maria Angela Caterina d'Este, Princess of Carignan, follower of Rigaud.jpg
Portrait bi a follower o Rigaud
Born1 Mairch 1656(1656-03-01)
Dee'd16 Julie 1722(1722-07-16) (aged 66)
SpouseEmmanuel Philibert o Savoy, Prince o Carignano
IssueVictor Amadeus, Prince o Carignano
Full name
Maria Angela Caterina d'Este
FaitherBorso d'Este
MitherIppolita d'Este


She mairit Emmanuel Philibert o Savoy, Prince o Carignano, a proxy ceremony took place in Modena where her unmairit brither Caesare Ignace d'Este acted aa her husband tae be. In a private ceremony at the Castle o Racconigi, the summer residence o the Princes o Carignano The ceremony took place on the 10 November 1684, the bride being 28 an the groom 56.


  1. Princess Maria Isabella o Savoy (14 Mairch 1687 – 2 Mey 1767)
  2. Princess Maria Vittoria o Savoy (12 Februar 1688 – 18 Mey 1763) mairit Giuseppe Malabaila, Coont o Cercenasco.
  3. Prince Victor Amadeus o Savoy, Prince o Carignano, (1 Mairch 1690 – 4 Aprile 1741) mairit Vittoria Francesca o Savoy an haed issue.
  4. Prince Thomas Philippe Geatano o Savoy (10 May 1696 – 12 September 1715) died young.


Titles an stylesEedit

  • 1 Mairch 1656 – 10 November 1684 Maria Angela Caterina d'Este, Princess o Modena.
  • 10 November 1684 – 21 Aprile 1709 Her Serene Highness The Princess o Carignano.
  • 21 Aprile 1709 – 16 Julie 1722 Her Serene Highness The Dowager Princess o Carignano.

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