Maria Amalie o Austrick (1701-1756)

Airchduchess Maria Amalie o Austrick (Maria Amalie Josefa Anna; 22 October 1701 – 11 December 1756) wis the wife o the future Charles VII, Haly Roman Emperor. She wis also a first cousin o Empress Maria Theresa. She wis a potential bride for Victor Amadeus, Prince o Piedmont before he died.

Maria Amalie o Austrick
Maria Amalia of Austriakaiserin.jpg
Haly Roman Empress
Queen consort o Germany
Tenur12 Februar 1742 – 20 January 1745
Queen consort o Bohemie
Tenur9 December 1741–1743
Electress o Bavarie
Tenur26 Februar 1726 – 20 Januar 1745
Born22 October 1701(1701-10-22)
Hofburg Pailace, Vienna, Austrick, Haly Roman Empire
Dee'd11 December 1756(1756-12-11) (aged 55)
Nymphenburg Pailace, Munich, Bavarie
BuirialTheatine Kirk
SpouseCharles VII, Haly Roman Emperor (m. 1722; d. 1745)
IssueMaria Antonia, Electress o Saxony
Theresa Benedicta
Maximilian III, Elector o Bavarie
Maria Anna, Margravine of Baden-Baden
Maria Josepha, Haly Roman Empress
Full name
Maria Amalie Josefa Anna
FaitherJoseph I, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherWilhelmine Amalia o Brunswick-Lüneburg
ReleegionRoman Catholicism


On 5 October 1722, Aircchduchess Maria Amalie mairit the Eleoral Prince o Bavarie, futire Elector


  1. Princess Maximiliane Maria o Bavarie (12 Aprile 1723) died young.
  2. Maria Antonia o Bavarie (18 Julie 1724 - 23 Aprile 1780) mairit Friedrich Christian, Elector o Saxony an haed issue.
  3. Theresa Benedicta o Bavarie (6 December 1725 - 29 Mairch 174) niver mairit.
  4. Maximilian III Joseph, Elector o Bavarie (28 March 1727 – 30 December 1777) mairit Princess Maria Anna Sophia o Saxony but haed nae issue.
  5. Prince Joseph Ludvig Leo o Bavarie (25 August 1728 2 December 1733) died in infancy.
  6. Maria Josepha o Bavarie (20 March 1739 – 28 May 1767) mairit Joseph II, Haly Roman Emperor but haed nae issue.