Margarethe o Austrick

(Reguidit frae Margaret o Parma)

Margarethe o Austrick aa cried Margarethe o Parma" (5 Julie 1522 – 18 Januar 1586) was Governor of the Netherlands frae 1559 tae 1567 an frae 1578 tae 1582. She wis the illegitimate daughter o the then 22-year-old Haly Roman Emperor Charles V an Johanna Maria van der Gheynst. She wis a Duchess o Florence an a Duchess o Parma an Piacenza bi mairiage. She is kent as either "Margarethe o Austrick" or "Margarethe o Parma" She wis also a half sister o Philip II o Spain.

Margarethe o Parma
Marguerite d'Autriche (1480-1530) Louvre.jpg
Anonymous portrait o Margarethe o Austrick (Louvre)
Duchess o Florence
Tenur18 Januar 1536 – 6 Januar 1537
Duchess o Parma an Piacenza
Tenur10 September 1547 – 18 Januar 1586
Born5 Julie 1522
Dee'd18 Januar 1586(1586-01-18) (aged 63)
Palazzo Farnese, Ortona
BuirialKirk o San Sisto, Piacenza
SpouseAlessandro, Duke o Florence[1]
Ottavio, Duke o Parma
IssueCardinal Carlo
Alessandro, Duke o Parma
HooseHabsburg (illegitimate birth)
Medici (first mairiage)
Farnese (second mairiage)
FaitherCharles V, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherJohanna Maria van der Gheynst
SeegnaturMargarethe o Parma's signature
Coat of arms of Margaret of Austria (duchess of Savoy).svg

Mairiage tae the Duke o ParmaEedit

On 18 Januar 1536 she mairit Ottavio, Duke o Parma.

Issue with the Duke o ParmaEedit

  1. Carlo Farnese (27 August 1545 – September 1545), heir tae the Duchy o Parma.
  2. Alessandro Farnese, Duke o Parma (27 August 1545 – 3 December 1592) mairit Infanta Maria o Portugal an haed issue.
  3. Violante Farnese mairit Torquato Conti an haed issue.
  4. Ersilia Farnese (1565–1596) mairit Renato Borromeo, Coont o Arona an haed issue.


Ither wabsteidsEedit

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