Marc Étienne de Beauvau, Prince o Beauvau

Marc Étienne de Beauvau, Prince o Beauvau (Marc Étienne Gabriel; 22 September 1773 - 28 Januar 1849) wis a French nobleman an member o the powerful noble faimilie the Hoose o Beauvau. He wis an aa a politeecian. He wis the Prince o Craon but kent better as the Prince o Beauvau. He an aa held the prestigious rank o a Prince o the Haly Roman Empire. Unner Napoleon I he wis an aa creatit a Coont o the Empire on 2 Juin 1815. He an aa haed close links wi the future Louis Philippe I. He wis a nephew o the Prince o Craon an therefore inherited his teetles.

Marc Étienne de Beauvau
Prince o Craon
Prince o Beauvau
Prince o the Haly Roman Empire
Coont o the Empire
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Full name
Marc Étienne Gabriel de Beauvau
Born22 September 1773(1773-09-22)
Hôtel de Beauvau, Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd28 Januar 1849(1849-01-28) (aged 75)
Hôtel de Beauvau, Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Nathalie de Rochechouart
Ferdinand Jérôme, Marquis o Haroué
Charles, Prince o Beauvau
Nathalie Irène, Marquise o La Grange
Henriette Gabrielle, Marquise o Boulay
FaitherFerdinand Jerôme de Beauvau
MitherLouise Etienne Desmier d'Archiac


He wis a son o Ferdinand Jerôme de Beauvau, Marquis o Haroué an his wife Louise Etienne Desmier d'Archiac.


He mairit Nathalie Henriette Victurnienne de Rochechouart (a dochter o Victurnien Jean Baptiste de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart) on 6 Juin 1792. The couple later haed 4 childer.


  1. Charles Juste François Victurnien de Beauvau (17 Mairch 1793 - 15 Mairch 1864) mairit twice an haed issue.
  2. Edmond Henri Etienne Victurnien de Beauvau (18 October 1795 - 21 Julie 1860) mairit an haed childer.
  3. Nathalie Irène Marie Victurnienne de Beauvau (1798 - 28 November 1852) mairit Auguste François Joseph Le Lièvre de La Grange, Marquis o La Grange. an haed issue.
  4. Henriette Gabrielle de Beauvau (1809 - 9 Februar 1869) mairit Denis Omer Talon Viscoont Talon, Marquis o Boulay but nae issue.