Marbach am Neckar (population approximately 15,000) is a toun on the river Neckar in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The nearest lairger ceeties are Ludwigsburg an Stuttgart (ca. 25 km).

Marbach am Neckar
Schiller's birthplace
Schiller's birthplace
Coat o airms o Marbach am Neckar
Coat o airms
Marbach am Neckar is locatit in Germany
Marbach am Neckar
Marbach am Neckar
Coordinates: 48°56′N 9°15′E / 48.933°N 9.250°E / 48.933; 9.250Coordinates: 48°56′N 9°15′E / 48.933°N 9.250°E / 48.933; 9.250
  1. default: Baden-Württemberg
Admin. regionStuttgart
 • MayorJan Trost
 • Total18.06 km2 (6.97 sq mi)
 • Tot15,850
 • Density880/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes07144
Vehicle registrationLB
Auld toun o Marbach

Marbach is kent as the birthplace o the clessical poet an dramatist, Friedrich Schiller. Awtho Schiller muivit awa as a bairn, he is commemoratit in Marbach bi the Schiller-Nationalmuseum und Deutsches Literaturarchiv (Schiller Naitional Museum an German Leeteratur Archive), ane o the main airchives o leeteratur history in the kintra. In 2006, the Literaturmuseum der Moderne (Museum o Modren Leeteratur) wis opened for public juist next tae the existin museum. The iconic an modren biggin wis planned bi Breetish airchitect David Chipperfield. It displays an airchives 20t-century leeteratur. Notable oreeginal manuscripts include The Trial bi Franz Kafka an Berlin Alexanderplatz bi Alfred Döblin.

The toun haes a picturesque centre wi several kirks (the aulder ane is frae the 16t century) an mony historical hooses, includin the hoose in which Schiller wis born.

Marbach (Neckar) station is on the Backnang–Ludwigsburg railwey an it uised tae be the terminus o line S 4 o the Stuttgart S-Bahn, which wis extendit tae Backnang in 2013.

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