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The Malayo-Polynesie leids are a subgroup o the Austronesie leids, wi approximately 385.5 million speakers.

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Sootheast Asie an the Paceefic
Lingueestic clessification Austronesian
Proto-leid Proto-Malayo-Polynesie
ISO 639-5 poz
Glottolog mala1545[1]
The wastren sphere o Malayo-Polynesian languages.
  Philippine (nae shawn: Yami in Taiwan)
  Sunda–Sulawesi (nae shawn: Chamorro)
  the wastrenmaist Oceanic leids

The branches o the Oceanic leids:
The black ovals at the northwestren leemit o Micronesie are the Sunda–Sulawesi leids cried Palauan an Chamorro. The black circles in wi the green are offshore Papuan leids.