Maitê Proença

Maitê Proença Gallo (born 28 Januar 1958) is a Brazilian actress, television presenter and writer.[1]

Maitê Proença
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BornMaitê Proença Gallo
(1958-01-28) 28 Januar 1958 (age 62)
São Paulo, Brazil
ThriftActress, television presenter and writer
Years active1979–present


Maitê Proença was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Both of her grandfathers were Portuguese.[2] Her mother was Margot Proença, a philosophy and music teacher who died when Maitê was 12. Her father was Eduardo Gallo (died in 1989). She has a younger brother, René Augusto Proença Gallo, born in 1963. Proença is currently single.

As a child, Proença studied in an American school and speaks fluent English, as well as French, Spanish and Italian. She attended the undergraduate psychology programme at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and the University of São Paulo where she studied journalism. Proença also attended a number of courses at the Sorbonne at the end of the 1970s while living in France. Between 1977 and 1979 she traveled around the world to Europe, Asia and Africa. This habit she has maintained and she has travelled to more than 70 countries.

In 1979, Proença had a serious car accident. She underwent two surgerical operations and had to stay in bed for almost a year.

Personal lifeEedit

She launched a book in 2008 entitled "An Invented Life", which reveals that at age 16, living in Paris, he had his first boyfriend, a Frenchman, a few years older, and, by carelessness, became pregnant with him. After several fights, with comings and goings, he decided that he would not support her, and abandoned her pregnant. Without having any emotional conditions to have a child, he went to a clinic in the area where he had an abortion and had a quiet recovery. She revealed in interviews that she was sure of what she was doing at the time, not regretting the act, stating that women need to have the freedom to do with their lives, with their own bodies.[3][4] Over time, he had several boyfriends.

In 1982, having lived in Brazil for a few years, she decided to live with her fiancé, Paulo Marinho,[5] Odile Rubirosa's ex-husband,[6] with whom she lived for 12 years and had her only daughter, Maria, born in October of 1990.[7][8] In 1995, he had a brief affair with cast member Victor Fasano. From 1996 to 2000 she lived with her boyfriend, Edgar Moura.[9] From 2004 to 2007, he had a relationship with press officer Rodrigo Paiva.[10] Later he briefly dated the Carioca entrepreneur Toninho Dias Leite and the Portuguese writer Miguel Sousa Tavares, as well as the businessman Alexandre Colombo, with whom he stayed for two years, ending in 2011.[11][12]

In spite of his relationship with Edgar Moura, with whom he lived for 4 years, and with Paulo Marinho, with whom he lived for 12 years,[5] where on his personal website Paulo is described as "husband",[13] the actress never married in civil with the two spouses who had, to avoid losing the pension paid by SPPREV - São Paulo Previdência, which according to data from 2013, published by Época, which at the time was disclosed as being about R$13 thousand, which Maitê receives since 1989, the year of her father's death, who was a judge. In 2008 the value reached R$ 21.5 thousand.[14][15] This pension is the result of complementary law 180/1978, which provides: "The pension attributed to the incapable or invalid shall be due for the duration of incapacity or invalidity and the unmarried child until marriage."[16] According to the report, to keep the pension, it is common practice for many women to hold a religious marriage, live with a husband, have children, but do not officially register the relationship.[15]


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