Móstoles is the seicont-lairgest ceety in population belangin tae the autonomous Commonty o Madrid. It is locatit 18 kilometres soothwast from central Madrid. Móstoles wis for a lang time anerly a smaw veelage, but expandit rapidly in the twintiet century.

Kirk o the Assumption, Móstoles' auldest biggin
Kirk o the Assumption, Móstoles' auldest biggin
Banner o Móstoles
Coat of airms o Móstoles
Coat airms
Móstoles is located in Spain
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 40°20′0″N 3°52′0″W / 40.33333°N 3.86667°W / 40.33333; -3.86667
KintraSpain Spain
RegionCommonty o Madrid Commonty o Madrid
ComarcaMadrid metropolitan aurie
 • MayorDaniel Ortiz (PP)
 • Total45.36 km2 (17.51 sq mi)
620 m (2,030 ft)
 • Total206,478
 • Density4,600/km2 (12,000/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Mostoleños, Mostolenses, Mostoleros
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
28930 - 28939

Tae some extent it is a dormitory suburb o Madrid, but it is hame tae several polígonos (industrial estates) an aw. The ceety hosts the main campus o the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Poleetically, the ceety muivit frae the left tae the richt wi the election in 2003 o Esteban Parro del Prado (Partido Popular) as mayor.


Móstoles became famous on 2 Mey 1808, when, awtho it wis anerly a smaw veelage, ane o its twa mayors, Andrés Torrejón, declared war on Fraunce, follaein the Dos de Mayo Uprising the same day in Madrid which stairtit the Peninsular War. A resident of Móstoles, Manuela Malasaña, became a popular heroine o the uprisin that day; a subwey station an seicontar schuil in Móstoles an a neebourheid in Madrid are namit efter her.

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Some o the maist important monuments in Móstoles are; the Mudéjar-styled kirk o La Asunción, whose touer provides a hame for storks; the Baroque hermitage o La Virgen de los Santos (17t century) an the Monument tae the Mayor (1908), locatit in Pradillo Square.


Móstoles is connectit tae ither suburbs an tae central Madrid bi the Metrosur line (line 12, Madrid Metro), a commuter train line (line C-5 Cercanías Madrid), local an regional bus lines an several major freeweys (A-5 (Madrid-Badajoz-Lisbon), M-50) an toll heich-gates (R-5).

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