Luzhniki Stadium

The Grand Sports Arena o the Luzhniki Olympic Complex (Roushie: Большая спортивная арена Олимпийского комплекса Лужники) in Moscow, or briefly Luzhniki Stadium (Roushie: Стадион "Лужники"), is the biggest sports stadium in Roushie. Its tot seatin capacity is 78,360 seats, aw covered (upgradit). The stadium is a pairt o the Luzhniki Olympic Complex, previously cried the Central Lenin Stadium (Roushie: Центральный стадион имени В. И. Ленина). The name Luzhniki derives frae the fluid meadows in the bend o Moskva River whaur the stadium wis biggit, translatin roughly as "The Meadows". The stadium is locatit in Khamovniki Destrict o the Central Admeenistrative Okrug o Moscow-ceety. As pairt o the Olympic complex, Luzhniki an aa haes the Palace o Sport at Luzhniki.

Luzhniki Stadium
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LocationFlag of Russia.svg Moscow, Roushie
Coordinates55°42′56″N 37°33′13″E / 55.71556°N 37.55361°E / 55.71556; 37.55361
Record attendance102,538 (USSR-Italy,
13 October 1963)
SurfaceFieldTurf (Gress For
2008 UEFA Champions
League Final
AppentJulie 31, 1956
1980 Simmer Olympics
2013 Warld Championships in Athletics
2018 FIFA Warld Cup

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