The Luftwaffe[N 2] (German pronunciation: [ˈlʊftvafə] ( listen)) wis the aerial warfare brainch o the combined German Wehrmacht militar forces in Warld War II.

COA Luftwaffe eagle gold.svg
Emblem o the Luftwaffe (variant)
Active1933–46[N 1]
KintraNazi Germany Nazi Germany
TeepAir force
RoleAerial warfare
SizeAircraft 119,871[2] (total production)
Personnel 3,400,000 (total in service at any time for 1939–45)[3]
Pairt oWehrmacht
EngagementsSpaingie Ceevil War
Warld War II
Hermann Göring (1933–45)
Robert Ritter von Greim (1945)
Balkenkreuz (fuselage an weeng unnersurfaces)[4]Balkenkreuz fuselage underwing.svg
Balkenkreuz (upper weeng surfaces)[5]Regulation WW II Upperwing Balkenkreuz.png
Hakenkreuz (swastika) (fin flash 1939–1945, white border omittit in late war)[6]Luftwaffe swastika.svg


  1. Offeecial dissolution o the Wehrmacht, includin the Luftwaffe, begoud wi Proclamation No. 2 o the Allied Control Cooncil on 20 September 1945 an wis nae complete till Order No. 34 o 20 August 1946.[1]
  2. Luftwaffe is an aw the generic term in German speakin kintras for ony naitional militar aviation service, an the names o air forces in ither kintras are uisually translatit intae German as "Luftwaffe" (e.g. Ryal Air Force is eften translatit as "britische Luftwaffe").[7] Houiver, Luftstreitkräfte, or "air airmed force", is an aw whiles uised as a translation o "air force" for post-Warld War I air airms, as it wis uised as the first wird o the offeecial German name o the umwhile East German Air Force, disbaundit ane day afore German reunification wis achieved in October 1990. Syne "Luft" translates intae Scots as "air", an "Waffe" mey be translatit intae Scots as aither "wappen" or "airm", "Air Airm" mey be conseedert the maist leeteral Scots translation o Luftwaffe (cf. Fleet Air Airm).[8]


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