Louise d'Aumont

Louise d'Aumont (Louise Félicité Victoire; 22 October 1759 - 13 December 1826) was the only child and dochter o Louis Marie Guy d'Aumont, Duke o Aumont (1732–1799), and his wife, Louise Jeanne de Durfort, duchesse Mazarin et de La Meilleraye (Paris, 1 September 1735 - Paris, 17 March 1781). she wis also Duchess Mazarin in her own right.

Louise d'Aumont
Hereditary Princess o Monaco
Louise d'Aumont by Antoine Vestier.jpg
Undate image o Louise d'Aumont bi Vestier.
Born22 October 1759(1759-10-22)
Hôtel d'Aumont, Paris
Dee'd13 December 1826(1826-12-13) (aged 67)
BuirialSaunt Nicholas Cathedral
SpouseHonoré, Hereditary Prince o Monaco
René François Tirnand-d'Arcis
IssueHonoré V, Prince o Monaco
Florestan I, Prince o Monaco
Amélie Céleste Erodore d'Aumont
Full name
Louise Félicité Victoire d'Aumont
HooseAumont (bi birth)
Grimaldi (b mairriage)
FaitherLouis Marie Guy d'Aumont
MitherLouise Jeanne de Durfort
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Her mither Louise Jeanne de Durfort wis a dochter o Emmanuel Felicité de Durfort, Duke o Duras an sister o Emmanuel Céléste de Durfort, Duke o Duras. Her faither wis Louis Marie d'Aumont, 6t Duke o Aumont. She wis a descendant o Hortense Mancini, niece an hieress o Cardinal Mazarin.

First MairriageEedit

She mairit Honoré IV, Prince o Monaco, on 15 Julie 1777 in Paris but they divorced in 1798.


  1. Honoré V, Prince o Monaco (13 Mey/14 Mey 1778 – 2 October 1841) niver mairit.
  2. Florestan I, Prince o Monaco (10 October 1785 – 20 Juin 1856) mairit Caroline Gilbert an haed issue.

Illiegitimate dochter an secoint mairiageEedit

Mairch 1794, Louise gave birth tae an illegitimate dochter, Amélie Céleste Erodore d'Aumont (died 1820). Louise mairit secondly René François Tirnand-d'Arcis on 6 Februar 1801. They divorced in 1803.


At her daith in 1826 she wis laid tae rest at the Père Lachaise Seemetry in Paris but later her grandson Prince Charles III o Monaco, ordered 1885 that she be transferred tae Monaco.