Louise Adélaïde de Bourbon (1757–1824)

Louise Adélaïde de Bourbon (5 October 1757 – 10 Mairch 1824) wis a French Princess o the bluid an later a nun. She wis the last Abbess o Remiremont and founded at the beginning o the Bourbon Restoration, a religious community that became famous among French Catholics under the name of Bénédictines de la rue Monsieur. She constructed the Hôtel de Mademoiselle de Condé, named after her. She wis a potential bride for Charles Philippe o Fraunce, Coont o Artois but they niver mairit. She niver haed childer. In 1789, she fled tae Belgium tae escape the first stages o the French Revolution . In 1802, in Poland, she took the veil, returning to Paris in 1816 to found a religious institution. She wis later the Lady (Dame) o Saint Pierre an o Metz an o Cetera, lordships she held in her own right. She constructed the Hôtel de Mademoiselle de Condé, named efter her.

Louise Adélaïde de Bourbon
Abbess o Remiremont
Mademoiselle de Condé by Simon-Bernard Lenoir.png
Mademoiselle de Condé bi Simon Bernard Lenoir.
Born5 October 1757(1757-10-05)
Château de Chantilly, Fraunce
Dee'd10 Mairch 1824(1824-03-10) (aged 66)
Hôtel de Mademoiselle de Condé, Paris, France
BuirialAibey o Saunt Louis de Limon, Vauhallan, Fraunce
Full name
Louise Adélaïde de Bourbon
FaitherLouis Joseph de Bourbon
MitherCharlotte de Rohan
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturLouise Adélaïde de Bourbon's signature

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 5 October 1757 – 10 Mairch 1824 Her Maist Serene Highness Mademoiselle de Condé, Princess o the bluid.

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