Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé

Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé (7 Mey 1530 – 13 Mairch 1569) wis a Huguenot nobleman an general as well as the founder o the Hoose o Condé (a cadet branch o the reigning Hoose o Bourbon. He wis a cousin o Henry IV o Fraunce. Through his mither he wis related tae the Hoose o Lorraine. He wis created the Prince o Condé in 1546. The last Prince o Condé wis Prince Louis o Orléans who wis a descendant o Louis. The Princes o Conti also descended frae Louis. He also held the prestigious rank o Prince o the bluid. He wis also a cousin o Mary o Guise, the mither o Mary, Queen o Scots.

Louis de Bourbon
Prince o Condé
Louis Ier de Bourbon, 1er prince de Condé (1530-1569).jpg
Born7 Mey 1530(1530-05-07)
Vendôme, Fraunce
Dee'd13 Mairch 1569(1569-03-13) (aged 38)
Jarnac, Fraunce
SpouseÉléonore de Roucy
Françoise d'Orléans
IssueHenri, Prince o Condé
François, Prince o Conti
Charles, "Cardinal de Bourbon"
HooseBourbon (Condé branch)
FaitherCharles de Bourbon
MitherFrançoise d'Alençon
ReleegionCalvinist (Huguenot)
prev. Roman Catholic
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First mairiageEedit

On 22 Juin 1551 he mairit Éléonore de Roucy, dochter o Charles de Roucy, Coont o Roye an Madeleine de Maillé. She brocht as her dowry the château an toun o Conti-sur-Selles, southwest o Amiens, which would pass tae their third son, progenitor o the Princes o Conti. They haed:;


  1. Henri de Bourbon, Prince o Condé (1552-1588) mairit Charlotte Catherine de La Trémoille an haed issue.
  2. Marguerite de Bourbon (1556) died young.
  3. Charles de Bourbon (1557) died young.
  4. François de Bourbon, Prince o Conti (19 August 1558 – 3 August 1614) mairit Jeanne de Coëmes an then Louise Marguerite o Lorraine.
  5. Charles de Bourbon (1562-1594) died unmairit an haed nae issue.
  6. Louis de Bourbon (1562-1563) died young.
  7. Madeleine de Bourbon (1563-1563)
  8. Catherine de Bourbon (1564) died young.

Seicont mairiageEedit

On 8 November 1565 he mairit Françoise d'Orléans, dochter o François d'Orléans, Marquis o Rothelin an Jacqueline de Rohan.


  1. Charles de Bourbon, Coont o Soissons (3 November 1566 – 1 November 1612) mairit Anne de Montafié an haed issue.
  2. Louis de Bourbon (1567–1569) died young.
  3. Benjamin de Bourbon (1569–1573) died young.