Louis Philippe I

Louis Philippe I (6 October 1773 – 26 August 1850) wis Keeng o the French frae 1830 tae 1848 as the leader o the Orléanist pairty.

Louis Philippe I
1841 portrait painting of Louis Philippe I (King of the French) by Winterhalter.jpg
Louis Philippe I bi Winterhalter
Keeng o the French
Ring9 August 1830 – 24 Februar 1848
Coronation9 August 1830
PredecessorCharles X
as Keeng o Fraunce an Navarre
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
Jacques Dupont de l'Eure
as Heid o the Proveesional Govrenment
Prime Meenisters
Born6 October 1773(1773-10-06)
Palais Royal, Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd26 August 1850(1850-08-26) (aged 76)
Claremont, Surrey, Ingland, UK
BuirialRyal Chapel, Dreux, Fraunce
SpouseMaria Amalia o Naples
Full name
Louis Philippe d'Orléans
HooseHoose o Orléans
FaitherPhilippe Égalité
MitherLouise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon
ReleegionRoman Catholic
SeegnaturLouis Philippe I's signature
Coat of Arms of Louis Philippe I (Order of the Golden Fleece).svg


In Palermo on 25 November 1809, he mairit Princess Maria Amalia o Naples an Sicily (daughter o Maria Carolina o Austrick an Ferdinand I o the Twa Sicilies an a niece o Marie Antoinette) In the first years o thair mairiage the couple lived at the Palazzo d'Orléans in Palermo.


  1. Ferdinand Philippe o Orléans, Duke o Orléans (3 September 1810 – 13 Julie 1842) mairit Princess Helene o Mecklenburg-Schwerin an haed issue.
  2. Louise o Orléans (3 Aprile 1812 - 11 October 1850) mairit Keeng Leopold I o Belgium an haed issue.
  3. Marie o Orléans (12 Aprile 1813 - 6 Januar 1839) married mairit Duke Alexander o Württemberg, haed childer.
  4. Louis o Orléans, Duke o Nemours (25 October 1814 – 26 Juin 1896) mairit Princess Victoria o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha an haed issue.
  5. François o Orléans, Prince o Joinville (14 August 1818 – 16 Juin 1900) mairit Princess Francisca o Brazil an haed issue.
  6. Françoise o Orléans (26 March 1816 - 20 Mey 1818) died young.
  7. Clémentine o Orléans (6 March 1817 – 16 Februar 1907) mairit Prince August o Saxe-Coburg an Gotha an haed issue.
  8. Charles o Orléans, Duke o Penthièvre (1 Januar 1820 – 25 Julie 1828) died young.
  9. Henri o Orléans, Duke o Aumale (Januar 16 1822 – Mey 7 1897) mairit Princess Carolina Augusta o the Twa Sicilies haed issue.
  10. Prince Antoine o Orléans, Duke of Montpensier (31 Julie 1824 – 4 Februar 1890) mairit Infanta Luisa Fernanda o Spain an haed issue.

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