Louis Nicolas Le Tellier, Marquis o Souvré

Louis Nicolas Le Tellier, Marquis o Souvré (1667-1725) wis a French nobleman an Marquis. He wis a son o the famous Marquis de Louvois. He wis known as the Marquis o Souvré[1] A title that had been inherited through his mither. His younger sister (Marguerite Le Tellier) mairit Louis Nicolas de Neufville, Duke o Villeroy.

Louis Nicolas Le Tellier
Marquis o Souvré
Crown of a Marquis of France (variant).svg
Blason famille Le Tellier.svg
Coat o arms o the Le Tellier family.
Full name
Louis Nicolas Le Tellier
Dee'd1725 (aged 58)
Spoose(s)Catherine de Pas
François Louis, Marquis o Souvré
Charlotte Félicité, Marquise o Puysieulx.
FaitherFrançois Michel Le Tellier
MitherAnne de Souvré


Louis Nicolas mairit Catherine de Pas. They had three childer.


  1. François Louis Le Tellier, Marquis o Souvré (8 September 1704 - 25 November 1767) mairit (1) Françoise Gabrielle de Brancas, a dochter o Louis Henri de Brancas, Marquis o Brancas then (2) Dauvet des Marets an had childer.
  2. Stillborn child. (1721)
  3. Charlotte Félicité Le Tellier mairit Louis Brûlart de Sillery, Marquis o Puysieulx.


  1. Marquis de Souvré