Louis Henri de Brancas, Marquis o Brancas

Louis Henri de Brancas, Marquis o Brancas 19 January 1672 – 9 August 1750) wis a french nobleman an Marquis. He served Louis XV o Fraunce on land an sea and wis created a Marshal o Fraunce in 1740.

Louis Henri de Brancas
Marquis o Brancas
Portrait de Louis de Brancas.jpg
Portrait o the Marquis o Brancas (Musée Calvet, Avignon).
Full name
Louis Henri de Brancas
Born19 Januar 1672
Pernes, Fraunce
Dee'd9 August 1750 (aged 78)
Spoose(s)Elizabeth Charlotte de Brancas
Françoise Gabrielle, Marquise o Souvré
Marie Thérèse, Duchess o Nevers
FaitherHenri de Brancas, Marquis o Céreste
MitherDorothée de Chelys
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Le 24 Jabuar 1696, he mairit Elisabeth Charlotte de Brancas (1679-1741). They haed 11 childer maist o which died young or born dead.

Surviving issueEedit

  1. Louis Bufile de Brancas (died aged 43)
  2. Charles François de Brancas (died aged 23 without issue)
  3. Françoise Gabrielle de Brancas mairit François Louis Le Tellier, Marquis o Souvré (a son o Louis Nicolas Le Tellier) but died in childbirth aged 20.
  4. Marie Thérèse de Brancas, (b1716?) mairit Louis Jules Mancini, Duke o Nevers.


He wis the second Marquis o Céreste, but wis better known as the Marquis o Brancas. He wis also (nominal) sovereign Prince o the island o Nisyros. This principality haed been created for Bufille Brancaccio, coont o Agnano (Sicily), bi Pape Boniface IX.