Louis, Dauphin o Fraunce (1729-1765)

Louis o Fraunce, Dauphin o Fraunce, Son o Fraunce (Louis Ferdinand; September 1729 – 20 December 1765) wis the eldest son an hier o Keeng Louis XV niver accedit because he died o tuberculosis. He wis the faither o three kings o Fraunce.

Louis o Fraunce
Dauphin o Fraunce
Carmontelle, Le Dauphin, père de Louis XVI (1760).jpg
The Daupin o Fraunce in 1760 bi Carmontelle.
Born4 September 1729(1729-09-04)
Palace o Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd20 December 1765(1765-12-20) (aged 36)
Château de Fontainebleau, Fraunce
BuirialRyal Bailica, Saint Denis, Fraunce
SpouseMaria Teresa o Spain
Maria Josepha o Saxony
IssueMarie Zéphyrine "Madame Royale"
Louis, Duke o Burgundy
Louis XVI, Keeng o Fraunce
Louis XVIII, Keeng o Fraunce
Charles X, Keeng o Fraunce
Marie Clothilde, Queen o Sardinie
Élisabeth, "Madame Élisabeth"
Full name
Louis Ferdinand de France
HooseBourbons o Fraunce
FaitherLouis XV
MitherMarie Leszczyńska
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturLouis o Fraunce's signature
Coat of Arms of the Dauphin of France.svg

First mairiageEedit

In 1744 Louis XV negotiated a marriage atween his fifteen year old son and the nineteen year old Infanta Infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela o Spain, dochter of King Philip V o Spain an Elisabeth Farnese. The marriage contract was signed 13 December 1744 and the mairiage wis celebrated bi proxy at Madrid 18 December 1744 an in person at Versailles 23 Februar 1745. Louis an Maria Teresa were well matched an haed a real affection for ilk ither. They haed ane dochter Marie Thérèse who died before reaching adulthood an killed her mither.

Secoint mairiageEedit

On 10 Januar 1747 Louis wis mairit bi proxy at Dresden tae Maria Josepha o Saxony, the fifteen year old younger dochter o Frederick Augustus II, Prince-Elector o Saxony an Keeng o Poland an his wife, Airchduchess Maria Josepha o Austrick. A second marriage ceremony took place in person at Versailles on 9 Februar 1747.


With Infanta Maria TeresaEedit

  1. Marie Thérèse o Fraunce, "Madame Royale" (19 Juliez 1746 – 27 Aprile 1748). Named after her mither, she died young.

With Princess Princess Maria JosephaEedit

  1. Marie Zéphyrine o Fraunce, Madame Royale (26 August 1750 - 1 September 1755) died in young.
  2. Louis o Fraunce, Duke o Burgundy (13 September 1751 - 22 Mairch 1761) died young.
  3. Xavier o Fraunce, Duke o Aquitaine (8 September 1753 -22 February 1754)
  4. Louis o Fraunce, Duke o Berry (later Keeng Louis XVI) (23 August 1754 – 21 Januar 1793) mairit Airchduchess Maria Antonia o Austrick an haed issue.
  5. Louis o Fraunce, Coont o Provence (later Keeng Louis XVIII) (17 November 1755 – 16 September 1824) mairit Princess Maria Giuseppina o Savoy, nae issue.
  6. Charles o Fraunce, Coont o Artois (later Keeng Charles X) (9 October 1757 - 6 November 1836) mairit Princess Maria Teresa o Savoy an haed issue.
  7. Marie Clotilde o Fraunce (23 September 1759 – 7 Mairch 1802) mairit Charles Emmanuel IV o Sardinie, nae issue.
  8. Élisabeth of France (3 Mey 1764 – 10 Mey 1794) died unmairit.

Ither wabsteidsEedit

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