Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a faimily o single-seat, single-ingine, aw-wather stealth multirole fechters unnergangin final development an testin bi the Unitit States.

F-35 Lightning II
Gray fechter aircraft flyin against a backdrop o cloods.
F-35A Lightning II
Role Stealth multirole fechter
Naitional oreegin United States
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
First flicht 15 December 2006
Introduction F-35B: 31 Julie 2015 (USMC)[1][2][3]
F-35A: 2016 Q3 (USAF)[4]
F-35C: 2018 (USN)[5]
Status In testin, an trainin uise bi the US, UK, Australie, Norawa, an Netherlands[6][7][8][9]
Primar uisers Unitit States Air Force
Unitit States Marine Corps
Unitit States Navy
Ryal Air Force
Produced 2006–present
Nummer biggit 171 as o Mairch 2016[10]
Programme cost US$1.508 trillion (tot wi inflation), US$55.1B for RDT&E, $319.1B for procurement, $4.8B for MILCON, $1123.8B for operations & sustainment[11]
Unit cost
F-35A: $98M (law rate initial production wioot ingine, full production in 2018 tae be $85M)[12][13]
F-35B: US$104M (law rate ineetial production wioot ingine)[12][13]
F-35C: US$116M (law rate initial production wioot ingine)[12][13]
Developit frae Lockheed Martin X-35


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