Loch Constance (German: Bodensee) is a loch on the Rhine at the northren fit o the Alps, an conseests o three bouks o watter: the Obersee ("upper loch"), the Untersee ("lawer loch"), an a connectin stretch o the Rhine, cried the Seerhein.

Loch Constance
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satellite image
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LocationGermany, Swisserland, Austrick
Coordinates47°35′N 9°28′E / 47.583°N 9.467°E / 47.583; 9.467Coordinates: 47°35′N 9°28′E / 47.583°N 9.467°E / 47.583; 9.467
Primary inflowsRhine
Primar ootflowsRhine
Catchment aurie11,500 km2 (4,400 sq mi)
Basin kintrasGermany, Swisserland, Austrick
Max. lenth63 km (39 mi)
Max. weenth14 km (8.7 mi)
Surface aurie571 km2 (220 sq mi)
Average deepth90 m (300 ft)
Max. deepth251 m (823 ft)
Watter vollum51.4 km3 (12 cu mi)
Residence time4.3 years
Surface elevation395 m (1,296 ft)
Frozen1795, 1830, 1880 (pairtial), 1963
IslandsMainau, Reichenau, Lindau
Sections/sub-basinsObersee, Überlinger See; Untersee, Zeller See, Gnadensee
Settlementssee leet

Touns an ceeties at the lochEedit

Loch Constance seen frae Spot satellite.
Bodensee Steamboat Hohentwiel.



From the entry o the Rhine, on the northren or richt shore:


Frae the entry o the Rhine, on the soothren or left shore: