Let It Be is the 12t an final studio album bi the Inglis rock baund the Beatles. It wis released on 8 Mey 1970, awmaist a month efter the group's break-up.

Let It Be
Studio album by The Beatles
Released8 Mey 1970 (UK)
18 Mey 1970 (US)
  • Februar 1968
  • Januar–Februar 1969
  • Januar; Mairch–Aprile 1970
StudioAbbey Road an Apple studios, an Twickenham Film Studios, London
The Beatles chronology
Abbey Road
(1969)Abbey Road1969
Let It Be
From Then to You
(1970)From Then to You1970
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Hey Jude
(1970) Hey Jude1970
Let It Be
(1970) Let It Be1970
The Beatles' Christmas Album
(1970) The Beatles' Christmas Album1970
Singles frae Let It Be
  1. "The Long and Winding Road" / "For You Blue"
    Released: 11 May 1970


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