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Le Monde (French pronunciation: ​[lə mɔ̃d]; Scots: The Warld) is a French daily evening newspaper foondit bi Hubert Beuve-Méry an continuously published in Paris syne its first edeetion on 19 December 1944. It is ane o the maist important an widely respectit newspapers in the warld.[3]

Le Monde
Le Monde.svg
Une Le Monde.jpg
First issue on 19 December 1944
Teep Daily newspaper
Format Berliner[1]
Awner(s) La Vie-Le Monde
Publisher Louis Dreyfus
Editor Jérôme Fenoglio
Staff writers 165
Foondit 1944
Poleetical alignment Left-wing
Leid French
Heidquarters Bd Auguste-Blanqui 80,
F-75707 Paris Cedex 13
Circulation 331,837[2]
ISSN 0395-2037


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