Laura Bravo

Laura Bravo, mair commonly kent as Lori Bravo (born 16 Mey 1966) is an avant garde muisicker, painter an photographer, frae Glendale, Arizona. She wis the sangster an bassist wi daith metal pioneers Nuclear Death, but is currently performin wi her side project, "Raped". Bravo wis responsible for the airtwirk frae aw Nuclear Death releases efter Phil Hampson (guitarist, main muisic composer an airtwirk airtist o the baind up tae the seicont LP) left the baund, an an aa wirked on the airtwirk for ither baunds sic as Terrorthrone's Demo/CD Sick Obsession to Pain. Lori Bravo haes syne released her first solo album, entitled I'd Marry The Devil an is wirkin on airtwirk for New Zealand zine Vomitose, as well as airtwirk for a buik o poetry bi Dan King. Lori Bravo nou performs unner her awn name but still uises Raped as the collective name o the muisickers who back her.

Lori Bravo
Born (1966-05-16) 16 Mey 1966 (age 56)
OreiginGlendale, Arizona
Associate actsNuclear Death

Bravo describes hersel sicweys:

I am the Dark Lady....A Descendant of the Countess Bathory in heart and a Punk in my soul. I am dirty and faithless...sainted and pure...I am...Saint Althea.

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