Las Heras Depairtment

Las Heras is a depairtment locatit in the north wast o Mendoza Province in Argentinae.

Las Heras

Departamento de Las Heras
location o Las Heras Depairtment in Mendoza Province
location o Las Heras Depairtment in Mendoza Province
Coordinates: 32°51′S 68°49′W / 32.850°S 68.817°W / -32.850; -68.817
Established31 Januar 1871
Foondit bi?
SeatLas Heras
 • MayorRubén Miranda, PJ
 • Total8 km2 (3 sq mi)
 • Total182,962 (2,001 census [INDEC])
Postal Code
Aurie Code0261
Patron saunt?

The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o aboot 183,000 inhabitants in a aurie o 8,955km², an its caipital ceety is Las Heras, which is locatit aroond 1,095km frae Capital Federal. The province's internaitional airport, Govrenor Francisco Gabrielli Internaitional Airport is locatit athin this subdiveesion.


The Partido an its capital are namit efter General Juan Gregorio de las Heras (1780-1866), a militar leader durin the Argentine War o Unthirldom.



The muntains o the Andes act as a natural border atween Argentinae an Chile, the muntain range forms hintle o the wastren pairt o the depairtment o Las heras.

Aconcagua is locatit in Las Heras Depairtment, at 6,962 metres abuin sea level it haulds mony records, includin:

The fowk o Las Heras are proud tae hae such an important muntain in their depairtment, an as ane o the Seiven Summits it brings a great nummer o muntaineers an sichtseers tae the region.

Freemit airtinsEedit

The Inca Brig tae the wast o the Las Heras Depairtment