Laryngitis is inflammation o the larynx (vyce box).[1] Symptoms eften include a hoarse vyce an mey include fiver, coch, pyne in the front o the neck, an tribble swallaein.[1][2] Teepically, thir last unner twa weeks.[1]

Laryngitis gastrica.jpg
Endoscopic eemage o an inflamed larynx caused bi acid reflux
SymptomsHoarse vyce, fiver, pyne[1][2]
DurationUisually less than 2 weeks[1]
CausesViral, trauma, bacterial[1]
Diagnostic methodBased on symptoms, examination via laryngoscopy if concerns[1]
Seemilar condeetionsEpiglottitis, laryngeal cancer, croup[1]
TreatmentVyce rest, fluids[1]


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