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Laim is a destrict o Munich, Germany, fuirmin the 25t burgh o the ceety. Inhabitants: ca. 49.000 (2005)

Burgh 25 - Laim: Location in Munich


Oreeginally its awn unthirlt locality, Laim wis in existence afore Munich. It wis first documentit atween 1047 an 1053 as loco leima (in Leim veelage). The municipality wis fuirmit in 1818 an consolidatit intae Munich on 1 Januar 1900. At that time the veelage centre wis Laim meadae, which wis inauguratit on its return tae the fowk on 1 an 2 Julie 2000, wi festivities celebratin the 100 year incorporation o Laim intae Munich. Opposite the meadae is the Catholic St. Ulrich-Kirche (St. Ulrich's Kirk). The name Leim comes frae the German wird Lehm meanin cley an Lehmboden meanin cley soil. Earlier Laim uised the 21 series post code, housomeivver nouadays the codes 80686 - 80689 are utilisit.

Laim is no tae be ramfeeselt wi Berg am Laim, the 14t burgh o Munich 10 km awa tae the east.

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Coordinates: 48°08′25″N 11°29′50″E / 48.14028°N 11.49722°E / 48.14028; 11.49722