Kosovo-Pomoravlje Destrict

The Kosovo-Pomoravlje Destrict (Albanie: Lugina e Anamoraves but wis renamit tae Destrict o Gnjilane), (Serbie: Косовско-Поморавски округ, Kosovsko-Pomoravski okrug) wis a destrict in Kosovo atween 1990 an 1999. It wis locatit in the wast pairt o Kosovo i Metohija. It haes a population o 217,726. Seat o the destrict wis in the ceety o Gnjilane. Frae ane point o view o the Serbie govrenment the destrict de jure still exist, despite the fact that Serbie govrenment acceptit ceevil UN admeenistration ower Kosovo.

Kosovsko-Pomoravski okrug
Косовско-Поморавски округ
Location o Kosovo-Pomoravlje Destrict in Serbie
Location o Kosovo-Pomoravlje Destrict in Serbie
Kintra Serbie
 (2002 census)
 • Total217,726


The destricts o Kosovo at the time

It includit the municipalities o:


The first mention o Gnjilane wis foond in the 16t century.


In its immediate vicinity is the Klokot Spa wi several thermal springs supposedly haein heich medicinal qualities.

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