Khalifa City

Khalifa City is a residential suburb o the ceety o Abu Dhabi in the Unitit Arab Emirates. It is dividit intae 3 auries: Khalifa City A, Khalifa City B, an New Khalifa City. Khalifa City A is on the main heich-gate tae Dubai an lees aboot 30 kilometres frae Abu Dhabi. It is close tae Abu Dhabi Internaitional Airport. Khalifa City B is further inland an is near Bani Yas an Al Shawamikh. The new Khalifa City is planned tae be atween A an B. Aw o Khalifa City is currently bein developit in wha will become the new ceety centre o Abu Dhabi. Khalifa City A, which awready haes aroond 600-700 hooses, will be adjacent tae the prestigious Al Raha Beach project. This project will include residential an commercial units, as well as mony internaitional hotels. The project is bein built bi Aldar properties.

Etihad Airways haes its heid office in Khalifa City A.[1]


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Coordinates: 24°27′21″N 54°37′34″E / 24.455744°N 54.626169°E / 24.455744; 54.626169