Ketchup (Listeni/ˈkɛəp/ or Listeni/ˈkɛʌp/), an aa catsup, is a table sauce, tradeetionally o various flavors, notably mushruim, oyster an wawnit,[1] but in modren times the term wioot modification uisually means tomato ketchup, whiles cried tomato sauce, or reid sauce. It is a sweet an tangy sauce, teepically made frae tomatoes, vinegar, a sweetener, an assortit saisonins an spices. The sweetener is maist commonly succar or heich fructose corn syrup. Saisonings vary bi recipe, but commonly include onions, awspice, cloves, cinnamon, garlic, an celery.[2] Tomato ketchup is eften uised as a condiment wi various dishes that are uisually served het, includin french fries (chips), hamburgers, sandwiches, het dugs, eggs, an grilled or fried meat. Ketchup is whiles uised as a basis or ingredient for ither sauces an dressins. Mushruim ketchup is widely available in the UK.[3]

Homemade ketchup canned (4156502791).jpg
Homemade ketchup
Alternative namesCatsup, tomato sauce, reid sauce
Main ingredientsTomatoes, vinegar, succar or heich fructose corn syrup, saisonins
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