Kennedy Space Centre

(Reguidit frae Kennedy Space Center)

The John F. Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) is ane o ten Naitional Aeronautics an Space Admeenistration field centres an the Centre o Excellence for launch an payload processin seestems.[2]

John F. Kennedy Space Centre
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Kennedy Space Center Headquarters.jpg
Aerial view o KSC Heidquarters leukin sooth
Agency owerview
Formed1 Julie 1962 (1962-07-01)
Precedin agencies
  • Launch Operations Directorate
  • Launch Operations Centre
JurisdictionU.S. federal govrenment
HeidquartersMerritt Island, Florida,
Unitit States
28°31′26.61″N 80°39′3.06″W / 28.5240583°N 80.6508500°W / 28.5240583; -80.6508500
Employees13,100 (2011)
Annual budgetUS$350 million (2010)
Agency executives
Paurent agencyNASA
WebsiteNASA KSC home page
Merritt Island.jpg
KSC shawn in white; CCAFS in green


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