Keke Rosberg

Keijo Erik Rosberg (Aboot this soondpronunciation ; born 6 December 1948), kent as "Keke", is a Finnish umwhile racin driver an winner o the 1982 Formula Ane Warld Championship.[1] He wis the first Finnish driver tae compete regularly in the series. Rosberg grew up in Oulu an Iisalmi, Finland. He is the faither o retired Formula Ane driver an 2016 Formula Ane warld champion Nico Rosberg.[2]

Keke Rosberg
Anefo 932-2378 Keke Rosberg, Zandvoort, 03-07-1982.jpg
Rosberg at the 1982 Dutch Grand Prix
BornKeijo Erik Rosberg
(1948-12-06) 6 December 1948 (age 74)
Solna, Swaden
Formula Ane Warld Championship career
NaitionalityFinland Finnish
Active years19781986
TeamsTheodore, ATS, Wolf, Fittipaldi, Williams, McLaren
Entries128 (114 starts)
Championships1 (1982)
Career pynts159.5
Powl poseetions5
Festest laps3
First entry1978 South African Grand Prix
First win1982 Swiss Grand Prix
Last win1985 Australian Grand Prix
Last entry1986 Australian Grand Prix


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